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Marriage Money Bootcamp is a personal financial course designed specifically for newlyweds. We are financial planners. In other words, we help people reach their financial goals, including saving, spending and anything and everything in between. We’ve seen it all. But the one thing we didn’t see was a helpful resource for newlyweds who wanted to learn to deal with the complexity of finances together. In fact, we found out that it’s common for most couples to avoid having a deep conversation about money until years after getting married.  This can become a hot button in the future.

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If you recently married, you may have took a class about personal finance in college, or received “helpful tips” about saving money from a well-meaning grandparent. The truth is, if you're like most of us, you weren't taught how to manage money in school. It's no wonder managing money can seem confusing.

Whether your knowledge of personal finance is extensive or insignificant, marriage is a game-changer for one simple reason - there is no longer merely one person in the picture.

The fact is, managing money is completely different when you’re in a relationship and out of one. Despite this, it’s rare for most couples to have a deep conversation about money until years later.

Troublingly, research shows that conflict about money is the #1 cause of relationship strain and divorce. The best way to avoid this is to work together, proactively.

We designed Marriage Money Bootcamp to specifically target the skills you need to build and operate as a well-oiled, power team!

We created this course when we saw the lack of helpful tools focused on helping newlyweds get on the same page. Instead of criticizing or nagging, we teach couples to cheer one another on.

This course is designed to help you and your spouse control your finances, so you can control your life...together! Avoid money issues down the road by enrolling in Marriage Money Bootcamp now.


Marriage Money Bootcamp is an online personal finance course for people in serious relationships who are committed to working as one financial unit. We built it as an alternative to expensive, in-person professional counseling with a CFP or CPA.

What do i get?

access to videos from experts

Video lectures from a team of certified professionals who have helped over a hundred clients get relief from tangled, complicated financial situations.

exclusive interviews with marriage experts

We've included interviews with subject matter experts, such as a Marriage Family Therapist.

learn insider secrets on the only way to get out of debt

Stop guessing and learn the most efficient way to get out and stay out of debt!

thinking of buying a home?

We'll teach you the simple way step-by-step on how to analyze your housing situation to determine if it makes more sense for you to buy or to rent.

designed for you

The Marriage Money Bootcamp is perfect for newlyweds, those looking forward to having a child, couples tussling with debt, partners planning on buying a home, and much more. Find out which topics we cover here.

Pre-Built Spreadsheets WITH easy step-by-step WALKTHROUGHS

We've done the heavy lifting for you and created easy to use spreadsheets with all the necessary formulas built in - just add in your specifics and our spreadsheets will do the rest. Also, step-by-step video walkthroughs are included so that you will know exactly how to use the spreadsheets with full confidence.



Your financial stress, decreased in under 30 days - Guaranteed or your money back!

We worked hard on this course so that it can provide the absolute maximum help to couples struggling with arguments, conflict, or confusion about their finances. During the course, we’ll be here to help if you have a question or technical issue. That said, if you're not happy with the course after 30 days, you’ll get your money back ―  no questions asked. The full fee will be returned to whichever card you used while buying the course. 

We loved how the course was 100% online. The spreadsheet walkthrough videos were so easy to follow and the Rent vs. Buy section really opened our eyes to the fact that we can actually afford to buy a home! Thank you!
— Brittany & Andrew - Las Vegas, Nevada
This was the first time we actually had a real talk about money. Through the course, we learned so much about each other. I’m so glad we found this. We finally set-up a budget that made sense!
— Chelsea & Pat - Chicago, Illinois
This was a great way to get the content I was looking for in a professionally packaged way. I was getting frustrated with generic online research, but wasn’t ready to commit to the cost of a full time financial planner. This gave me the actionable strategies I needed to help me plan for my family’s future.
— Anil Sevim - Lead Engineer at JUUL
This is a no-brainer gift for anyone who is considering or recently got hitched. I wish I signed up for this years ago.
— Matt Farnell - Manager at AdRoll

Marriage Money Bootcamp

The personal finance course tailored for newlyweds.

100% Money Back Guarantee